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Curteis, T (2004) Environmental Conditions in Historic Churches: Examining their effect on wall paintings and polychrome surfaces. Transactions of the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors' Association, 5. pp. 36-46.

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Over the past decade, the subject of building environment has become increasingly prominent in the conservation of wall paintings. The aim of this paper, originally presented to the EASA summer conference 2004, is to look at how environmental conditions cause deterioration, how these conditions can be investigated, and what methods can be used for their control. This is very much an overview, as each of the areas addressed is the subject of a large body of research in its own right. However, it is hoped that by drawing the various elements together, this will help with the co-operation between the conservator and the architect or surveyor, which is essential for any successful conservation programme. The history of conservation of wall paintings has been one of the treatment of damage rather than its prevention and even today much of the training in conservation is concentrated on how to repair damaged objects. The prevention of deterioration is often regarded as being of secondary importance. However, unless conservators and other building professionals, have a clear understanding of how an object deteriorates and how this can be prevented, successful long term conservation is rarely possible. One of the most significant elements in the deterioration of a wall painting is the environment in which it is situated. Unlike many other historic objects, which, when environmental conditions are unsuitable, can be moved to a more benign location, wall paintings are generally immovable. Indeed a wall painting is merely the inner skin of the building and so any problem with the deterioration of a wall painting is in fact a problem with the deterioration of the building itself.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Wall pantings; Church; Indoor climate; Moisture; Salt; Heating; Ventilation; Microbiological growth; Environmental monitoring
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