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Camuffo, D and Bernardi, A (1996) Controlling the microclimate and particulate matter inside the historic anatomy theatre, Padua. Museum Management and Curatorship, 15 (3). pp. 285-298. ISSN 02604779

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This paper describes the principal results of two field surveys carried out in the historic Anatomy Theatre of the University of Padua to monitor the microclimate, the daily thermohygrometric cycles and the deposition of airborne pollutants. Daily and seasonal cycles in ambient temperature and relative humidity induce changes in the wood moisture content which result in strain-induced stresses which may generate distortional strains or fracture. Deposition of airborne pollutants causes disfiguring soiling and may damage wood by producing hydrolysis (acids) or dissolving lignin and hemicellulose (alkalis); or by forming iron salts near nails. The microclimate monitoring campaigns were undertaken during two periods at the extremes of the seasonal cycle, i.c. in mid-winter (February) and the height of the summer (July). Also the daily trend of the spectral size distribution of the airborne particulate matter was recorded by means of a particle counter based on the theory of Mie on the diffraction of light operated by suspended particles. Particularly important were the exchanges of heat and air through the windows, the convection currents induced by the electric lamps, and the re-suspension of large particles disturbed when people walk. During the summertime, the daily cycles of relative humidity are responsible for a dangerous shrinking and swelling of the wooden structure. Problems and possible remedies are outlined in the conclusions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Historic building; Environmental monitoring; Microclimate; Climatic stress
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