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Legrum, J P (1994) Ambient atmospheric conditions as a significant factor in the conservation of an altarpiece by Konrad von Soest in its original location. Preventive conservation: practice, theory and research. Preprints of the contributions to the Ottawa Congress, 12-16 September 1994 . pp. 104-109.

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The deterioration of the triptyc by Konrad von Soest (1403) in the principal church of Bad Wildungen (Hesse, Germany) has increased markedly in the course of the last few years. In order to ascertain the extent to which the ambient atmospheric conditions have contributed to this deterioration, measurements were made of the climate inside the church and on the surface of the altarpiece, with the aim of obtaining as exact an analysis as possible. On the basis of the results, suggestions are made for the improvement of the ambient conditions. These on-site measurements are augmented by laboratory experiments on test samples of the materials of the work of art. These experiments include the determination of absorption isotherms, the hygrometric expansion properties of the materials, and the influence on these properties of surface layers such as paint, varnish, wax and so on. The investigations show that any restoration measure must take into account the constant interaction of the materials of the altarpiece with the atmosphere and the physical properties of the building surrounding it.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Preventive conservation; Church; Work of art; Altarpiece; Indoor climate; Climate control; Environmental monitoring
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