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Holmberg, J and Johansson, L (1996) Preventive conservation in Swedish museums: technical museum storage room survey 1994-1995. In: ICOM Committee for Conservation, 11th triennial meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1-6 September 1996: Preprints. James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd. , pp. 41-47.

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The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, which wants to see improvements in the preservation of the nation's cultural heritage, has commissioned the Conservation Institute of National Antiquities (RIK) to carry out a survey of the current status of museum storage rooms all over the country. The method used was a physical inventory of a large number of museum storage rooms and the use of a relational database with object-oriented tools for storing and processing all the information gathered. The present condition of the collection in every storage room, correlated with its condition when first moved into the storage room, was used as one of the criteria to evaluate the capacity of the storage room to preserve the heritage. The quantity of data gathered is large enough to be representative for the country as a whole. The results of the Swedish Technical Museum Storage Room Survey revealed that more than 40% of local museums' storage rooms and 20% of regional and central museums' storage rooms are considered unacceptable for preserving collections.

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