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Michalski, Stefan (2013) Stuffing everything we know about mechanical properties into one collection simulation. Climate for Collections - Standards and Uncertainties. Postprints of the Munich Climate Conference 7 to 9 November 2012. pp. 349-362.

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The risk modelling tool AnalyticaTM has been used to develop a simulation of the fracture probability in a collection of various museum objects exposed to variable and repetitive fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature. The macro part of the model assumes a basic geometry of two attached layers, each with its own response to relative humidity and temperature. It allows the effect of flaws, notches, holes, delamination etc., to be incorporated as variable stress concentration factors. It calculates stress over time using viscoelastic behaviour. The micro part of the model has been developed for paint, based on an adsorbed layer that behaves differently from the bulk, in order to explain the sudden increase in stiffness and decrease in extension before break of high pigment volume concentration (PVC) paints, i.e., oil grounds. All variables in the model can be given a population distribution, and the model calculates final probability of fracture using a Monte Carlo approach, i.e., running the model thousands of times and rolling the dice for each variable each run.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Simultaion, Temperature, Relative humidity, Collections, Stress, Paint
Subjects: English > Damage functions > Mechanical damage
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