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Child, Robert (2013) The influence of the museum environment in controlling insect pests. Climate for Collections - Standards and Uncertainties. Postprints of the Munich Climate Conference 7 to 9 November 2012. pp. 419-424.

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Insect pests that attack museum collections are small and have a very large body surface area compared with their volume. This, combined with their habit of inhabiting microclimates within the general environment, make them very responsive to local temperature, humidity and other climatic factors. Small variations in these factors, often unnoticeable to the human occupants, can radically affect their behaviour such as their ability to move, mate and fly. In the longer term, climatic conditions affect the length of life cycles, the spread of the habitat and other factors that can turn a minor attack into a major infestation. Through a better understanding of the insect pest species involved and their lifestyles, better preventive and control measures can be introduced.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Insects, Collections, Microclimates, Relative humidity, Temperature
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English > Damage functions > Biological damage
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