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Olstad, T and Tone, M (1994) Mediaeval wooden churches in a cold climate – Parish churches or museums? Preventive conservation: practice, theory and research. Preprints of the contributions to the Ottawa Congress, 12-16 September 1994 . pp. 99-103.

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A project with the aim of improving the conditions for painted wooden objects in wooden churches in Norway began in 1986. The project is based on the hypothesis that a natural climate is better for painted wooden objects and for the structure of the church than an artificial climate produced by heating. The temperature and relative humidity were recorded in two unheated and three heated churches. Dimensional changes in 12 painted wooden objects in the churches were also recorded to compare movement in wood in heated and unheated environments. The results from three churches are presented, together with an account of two subprojects involving localized climate control. The first of these is a recently concluded experiment which shows that under laboratory conditions it is possible to provide a locally climatized zone which satisfies the demands of the congregation for comfort, while maintaining a temperature of 8-12°C outside this area. The second subproject, which has just begun, is a full-scale test of these results in a stave church.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Church; Climate control; Heating; Wood; Painted wood; Wooden objects
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