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Bernardi, Adriana and Becherini, Francesca and Bonazza, Alessandra and Krupinska, Barbara and Pockelè, Luc and Van Grieken, René and De Grandi, Sandro and Ozga, Izabela and Veiga Rico, Alejandro Jose and Garcia , Garcia Mercero and Vivarelli, Arianna (2012) A Methodology to Monitor the Pollution Impact on Historic Buildings Surfaces: The TeACH Project. Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation. pp. 765-775.

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The available scenarios of pollutant trends in Europe indicate that the effect of industrial, domestic and transport emissions on corrosion and soiling will continue to constitute a serious threat to Cultural Heritage. Such effects require improved methods for a more accurate diagnosis, monitoring and assessment of the damage. Within this framework, the monitoring methodology applied within the European project TeACH (Technologies and tools to prioritize assessment and diagnosis of air pollution impact on immovable and movable cultural heritage) (2008-2012) allows to assess the impact of the main pollutants on historic buildings. As a part of this approach, a new kit able to monitor the environmental parameters critical for the conservation of architectural surfaces and to evaluate the related damage in terms of surface color change was developed. The monitoring methodology described in the present paper has valuable application potential in the definition of preventive conservation strategies for a wide range of heritage assets.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Preventive conservation, pollution impact, surface color change, cultural heritage
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