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Sawdy, A and Price, C (2005) Salt damage at Cleeve Abbey, England Part I: a comparison of theoretical predictions and practical observations. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 6 (2). pp. 125-135. ISSN 12962074

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The use of environmental control as an indirect means of reducing salt damage has long been proposed, but is only now becoming more feasible with the availability of new information on the thermodynamics of salt behaviour. Recent research has led to the development of a computer program Environmental Control of Salts (ECOS), which utilises a thermodynamic model to predict which solid minerals will exist in equilibrium at any given temperature and relative humidity, given the ionic composition of the contaminating salts. This, in turn, permits the prediction of the range of ambient relative humidity under which the salt-contaminated object is less at risk of salt damage. This paper discusses the application of the ECOS program to provide an insight into the salt deterioration problems affecting the C13th wall paintings in the Sacristy at Cleeve Abbey, Somerset. The work was realised through a combined process of sampling and analysis, condition assessment and documentation, and environmental monitoring. Analytical data were input into the ECOS program to obtain predictions for the phase transition behaviour of the salts present. By drawing together the different investigative strands of the project, the source of significant discrepancies between observed and predicted salt behaviour was identified. Once this had been addressed, the resulting thermodynamic calculations not only correlated well with the in situ observations and recordings, but also offered a plausible explanation for the dynamic deterioration processes taking place.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Historic building; Salt; Moisture; Wall paintings; Stone; Simulation; Climate control; Thermodynamics
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