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Jiang, Wei and Hu, Hao and Tang, Xiaoying and Liu, Gongliang and Guo, Wei and Jin, Yang and Li, Dong Protective energy-saving retrofits of rammed earth heritage buildings using multi-objective optimization. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering Volume 38, October 2022, 102343, 38.

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The protective energy-saving retrofitting (PESR) of heritage buildings (HBs) is one of the essential aspects of building carbon-dioxide abatement. The present work validates and optimizes PESR measures for a typical rammed earth HB (REHB) based on multi-objective optimization and building information modelling (BIM). The addition of internal thermal insulation materials to the exterior wall and roof and the replacement of the exterior windows are investigated. Based on multiple factors (protection methods, U-value limit, and local materials), seven insulation materials and four window types are considered in 28 possible cases. The associated energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) and life cycle cost (LCC) are estimated and compared through comprehensive multi-objective (energy savings, low-carbon and economy) comparison methods. The results indicate that the case involving expanded polystyrene (EPS) internal insulation and 80-series polyurethane windows is optimal, with energy consumption and GGE that are 72% and 50% lower, respectively, than those of the original system and with the lowest cost, wherein 15406 kW h energy, 264 t GGE and 7857 Chinese yuan (CNY) are saved over the entire life. The GGE and LCC at the operation stage account for approximately 90% of the total, of which the associated coal heating accounts for 80%. The optimization method can facilitate the development of innovative energy-saving and low-carbon retrofit methods for HBs.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Rammed earth heritage building; Protective energy-saving retrofits; Multi-objective optimization; GGE; LCC;
Subjects: English > Climate Change Adaptation
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Date Deposited: 22 Nov 2022 05:26
Last Modified: 22 Nov 2022 05:26

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