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Malafry, Melina Skyddet av kulturvärden i omställningen till ett koldioxidneutralt samhälle – En studie av det rättsliga skyddet av kulturvärden mot installation av solceller i plan- och bygglagen respektive kulturmiljölagen. Nordisk miljörättslig tidskrift 2020:2 Nordic Environmental Law Journal.

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Installing solar cells on rooftops is a common measure for reducing a building’s external energy consumption and increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the energy system. However, installing solar cells can mean that the general interest in preserving cultural value is negatively affected. This article describes the protection of cultural value by examining the legal protection of cultural value of church monuments according to the Historic Environmental Act (HEA) and “particularly valuable” buildings according to the Planning and Building Act (PBA). Following a general description of the legal protection of culture value follows a presentation of how the protection of cultural value relates to the installation of solar cells in the application of the respective legislation. The article concludes with an analysis of how strong the protection against distortion is for church monuments and “particularly valuable” buildings. The author has found that there are differences in which arguments are given importance for whether a solar cell installation may take place. The author suggests that neither arguments about the reversibility of the installation, nor environmental and climate justifications should be taken into consideration with regard to the design and purpose of the legislation. The author also argues that the protection against distortion, in theory, is stronger for “particularly valuable” buildings, according to the PBA, than for church monuments, according to HEA. This is especially true since the “use value” of a church is credited with the cultural value of the church. However, the author suggests that a disstortion should rarely be allowed, since alternative solutions should be possible. Hence, a distortion of cultural value through the installation of solar cells is not a necessary measure – neither for the climate nor the church’s continued operation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: solar cells; cultural value; legal protection;
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