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Icaza, Daniel and Borge-Diez, David and Pulla-Galindo, Santiago Systematic long-term planning of 100% renewable energy to 2050 in Heritage cities: Unified case study of the City of Cuenca and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Renewable Energy Focus Volume 45, June 2023, Pages 68-92, 45. pp. 68-92.

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The development of 100% renewable energy in World Heritage Sites (UNESCO locations) requires specific analysis and design, because of their unique social, historical, and environmental characteristics. The design of these Renewable Energy systems must preserve all their unique Heritage characteristics, which represents a novel characteristic in comparison with other scenarios. This research presents a 2050 scenario planning with the support of specialized EnergyPLAN software for Heritage cities and presents the case study of the Galapagos Islands and the City of Cuenca. The optimal 100% Renewable Energy Mix is calculated and using the geographical analysis of both land use and energy potentials, the advisable sites to locate new wind and solar PV generation plants are studied. The results obtained for 2050 are that in Galapagos the energy mix is wind power 33.33%, Solar PV 41.66%, Geothermal, 5.55%, Biomass 8.33%, small hydro 5.55%, and others 5.55%. In the case of Cuenca, hydroelectric power would be maintained at 35.34%, wind power would increase to 25.3%, solar PV 28.91%, geothermal 6.42%, biomass 2% and others with 2%. The most significant sites to locate both wind and solar PV plants are proposed, resulting in 38 sites in Galapagos and 14 in Cuenca. Results prove the feasibility of using 100% Renewable Energy Systems in Heritage locations and that it is possible and feasible to convert the Galapagos Islands and the City of Cuenca into a sustainable energy system. The methodology can be used in other similar scenarios and locations worldwide with similar characteristics.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Energy Planning; Renewable Energy; Decarbonization; Heritage cities; EnergyPLAN;
Subjects: English > Climate Change Adaptation
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