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Dias Pereira, Luisa and Baía Saraiva, Nuno and Soares, Nelson Hygrothermal Behavior of Cultural Heritage Buildings and Climate Change: Status and Main Challenges. Journals Applied Sciences Volume 13 Issue 6, 13 (6).

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This paper follows a bibliometric assessment methodology to provide a systematic review of studies devoted to cultural heritage (CH) buildings that simultaneously refer to hygrothermal conditions and/or behavior and climate change (CC) scenarios. Moreover, this paper aims at identifying the main research trend and research gaps in this combined research field, and to provide a critical discussion of previous works relating to CH, hygrothermal behavior, and CC. Scopus database was used for data gathering and export, followed by VOSviewer for network visualization. The advanced search on the database showed that only 36 documents have considered the study of these three subjects together, as of 2022. The majority of research has been carried out in Italy (27% of the relevant documents). This paper further describes some funded research projects on the topic of CH, hygrothermal behavior, and CC. It was concluded that the investigation on this combined research topic is very recent and scarcely unexplored, and further research is required to assess how future CC scenarios will affect the hygrothermal behavior of CH buildings. These new understandings are fundamental for all stakeholders involved in topics related to heritage conservation and assessment of the hygrothermal behavior of buildings.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: hygrothermal behavior; cultural heritage; climate change; historic buildings; bibliometric analysis
Subjects: English > Climate Change Adaptation
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Date Deposited: 04 May 2023 03:50
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