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Bernardi, A and Becherini, F and Bassato, G and Bellio, M (2006) Condensation on ancient stained glass windows and efficiency of protective glazing systems: two French case studies, Sainte-Chapelle (Paris) and Saint-Urbain Basilica (Troyes). Journal of Cultural Heritage, 7 (1). pp. 71-78. ISSN 12962074

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The multidisciplinary EC VIDRIO project has the purpose of providing a better understanding of the effect of the environment on glass surfaces and paint (grisaille) and to evaluate the efficiency of the protective glazing system, in order to find sustainable solutions to protect ancient stained glass windows from the main causes of glass weathering, in particular the condensation phenomenon. Hence, a new device, named “dew point sensor”, was built and patented to protect the stained glass windows by detecting the condensation on the glass surface. The research was focused on laboratory tests and experimental campaigns: two important French monuments, Sainte-Chapelle in Paris and Saint-Urbain Basilica in Troyes, were monitored, while the study in Cologne Cathedral (Germany) is still in progress. Three different systems were used to detect the phenomenon of condensation in order to evaluate and compare their accuracy and reliability: the indirect measurement through mathematic calculations using air temperature and relative humidity, and two direct measurements by means of the dew point and the leaf wetness sensors. The laboratory tests and research in the field made evident the errors associated with the measurements of the condensation process, and the accuracy and reliability of the new device. The efficiency of the protective glazing system, as regards to the weathering of the stained glass windows, has been confirmed. In fact, the presence of a protective glazing reduces the danger of condensation on the internal side of the ancient window and also the total time of the high relative humidity values of the air in contact with the protected window.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Condensation; Window; Church; Protective glazing
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