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Rusnov, Cornelius J. (2008) Pennsylvania’s Rare Collections Library Design Overview (Non-Technical). pp. 1-7.


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The Forum Building which houses the State Library of Pennsylvania’s Rare Collections Library has served the Commonwealth well, but the building mechanical systems of the 1930s cannot be expected to meet effectively the needs of 21st century library service, particularly when the library holds rare materials of inestimable worth. The new Rare Collections Library has been successful in creating the best possible environment for the preservation of paper-based collections. A beneficial and unplanned project outcome is that this project can now be looked to as a model for the greater library, museum and archives communities who share the concern and need for solidly researched preservation methods and techniques. An important design goal was that no component of the integrated system was to be customized for this project. All components are “off the shelf” to make the application of the design more widely replicable. All possible components essential for creating a preservation-based environment that is both affordable and protective of paper-based collections were included in this project. Specific concerns that were addressed include: temperature, humidity, security, fire detection, fire suppression, lighting, housing materials, environmental controls, and energy consumption.

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