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new4old, (2009) Technical Guidelines for Building Designers. Other. new4old. (Unpublished)

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The project New4Old is a European funded research, implementation and dissemination project in the framework of EIE. The project is formed by cooperation of 3E, AEE, NKUA, ITW, EREC, GRECT and NUID in a vision of integrating the possibilities of Renewable energy in today’s society with respect to the cultural and architectural aspects of buildings. Inspired by the success of the Renewable Energy House (REH) in Brussels, it is the intention to lay the ground for the creation of publicly accessible renewable energy houses, which will serve as a base for further stimulation of the market replication of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) & Rational Use of Energy (RUE) technologies in the respective countries. The project New4Old is committed to significantly contribute to RES & RUE market penetration through a two-fold approach: § Creation of a network of Renewable Energy Houses which will serve as focal points for the sustainable energy policy discussion in the different EU Member States & contribute to the commercialization of RES & RUE equipments. § Capacity building among architects and planners through guidelines and training activities in the field of building integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency into historic buildings. This document is a result of the second goal of the New4Old project as it is a guideline that gives an overview of the possibilities of integrating RES and RUE in historical buildings. Resulting from the respect for the historical elements of buildings the guidelines are divided in 3 parts, where a clear separation is used in exterior and interior changes of the building and as a third part the monitoring and controlling of energy and comfort aspects is discussed. Beside this integrated document a virtual library is foreseen where this guideline and additional information is placed online (

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