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Bernardi, Adriana (2008) Microclimate inside Cultural Heritage Buildings. Il Prato. ISBN 978-88-6336-032-5

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The problem of Cultural Heritage conservation is growing in importance. This is due to the increasing interest and sensitivity in this field, as well as the large awareness of the uniqueness of the works of art that have been preserved up to the present generation. Nevertheless, not much knowledge has been developed up to now on the non-destructive diagnosis of the environment in which the works of art are being exhibited and preserved. The people in charge of the restoration, the transport, the exhibition and, at a general level, the management of the works of art often don’t have enough background on and familiarity with the Microclimate inside Cultural Heritage buildings. Hence, this book has been written with the aim to fill this big gap in the world of scientific publishing and to provide the basis of microclimatology applied to Cultural Heritage conservation. The subject is being covered a simple way, rich in suggestions and important case-studies as examples. Part of the book is focused on the theoretical background of microclimatic monitoring, with an in depth study of the methodology and the experimental apparatus. An even larger part is devoted to the description of field surveys and practices in important European buildings.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Microclimate; Historic Buildings; Cultural Heritage;
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