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Dionisi-Vici, Paolo and Allegretti, Ottaviano and Braovac, Susan and Hjulstad, Guro and Jensen, Maria and Storbekk, Elin (2013) The Oseberg ship. Long-term physical-mechanical monitoring in an uncontrolled relative humidity exhibition environment. Analytical results and hygromechanical modeling. Climate for Collections - Standards and Uncertainties. Postprints of the Munich Climate Conference 7 to 9 November 2012. pp. 283-298.

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A continuous monitoring system was installed on the Oseberg ship, a large Viking Age archaeological wooden object (oak), in order to determine the material response to the uncontrolled conditions at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway. Four areas have been monitored since July 2009, two boards on the ship and two samples free to deform (recent oak and a sample removed from the ship). Results, reported for 2010/11, showed that extent of deformation is related to extent of restraint. The greatest extent of strain (warping) was found for the recent oak sample, followed by the unrestrained archaeological sample. Of the restrained samples, that with greatest loading showed least strain.

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