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Holl, Kristina (2013) Comparison of indoor climate analysis according to current climate guidelines with the conservational investigation using the example of Linderhof Palace. Climate for Collections - Standards and Uncertainties. Postprints of the Munich Climate Conference 7 to 9 November 2012. pp. 299-310.

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Linderhof Palace contains its original neo baroque furnishings, which consist of a large variety of composite materials. These artworks are affected by adverse indoor climate conditions such as cold temperatures and high relative humidity, which constantly fluctuates due to the high number of visitors. Depending on which guidelines are used, analysing and evaluating the indoor climate of a historic building can lead to different and sometimes opposing results concerning potential risks to the collection. The amplitude of fluctuations or the duration of a fluctuation affecting a certain kind of artwork are not considered in these guidelines. Some of the guidelines are based on the mechanical behaviour of objects, though only certain types of undamaged composite materials have been tested. Furthermore, it is unknown what risk of new damage is posed by deviating from the established nvironmental targets. A detailed condition report on Linderhof’s furnishings conducted 20 years ago was used to assess the present condition and to estimate the extent of changes induced by the climate over the last two decades. Different microclimates were identified, some of which had increased the rate of damage to the collection, such as laking of gilded ornaments or painted wooden surfaces. The collection directly exposed to the external climate was particularly affected. When these results were compared with an analysis of the indoor climate according to various recent guidelines it became apparent that many of the risks specific to each room at Linderhof were not covered by the usual statements of potential risk. Therefore, general climate guidelines are of limited use in estimating the potential for damage. In order to predict potential damage there is a pressing need to integrate knowledge about the characteristics of composite materials, their positions in the room and the possibility of the existence of distinct microclimates.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Indoor climate, Guidelines, Composite materials, Temperature, Relative humidity, Microclimates
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