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Bernardi, Adriana and Becherinia, Francesca and Romero-Sanchez , Maria Dolores and Lopez-Buendia , Angel and Vivarelli , Arianna and Pockelé , Luc and De Grandi , Sandro (2013) Evaluation of the effect of phase change materials technology on the thermal stability of Cultural Heritage objects. Journal of Cultural Heritage. (Submitted)

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The use of phase change materials (PCMs) in civil buildings as an effective thermal energy storage solution has been well documented in literature and proven in the field. When applied to Cultural Heritage, PCMs’ technology needs to be adapted to specific requirements. Besides the important objectives of economic return and human comfort, the indoor microclimatic conditions have to be suitable for conservation purposes. The application of PCMs’ technology to Cultural Heritage has been investigated within the European MESSIB (Multi-source Energy Storage System Integrated in Buildings) project. Firstly, several methodologies of incorporation of PCMs in different materials were studied and tested. The thermal properties of gypsum panels and silicon coatings incorporating micro-encapsulated PCMs in the form of powder and emulsion were analysed in the laboratory. Then, PCMs incorporated in gypsum panels in contact with a wooden panel were tested and their effect on the thermal behaviour of the wooden panel was evaluated under thermal cycles in a climatic chamber. PCMs incorporated in silicon coatings in contact with a painting were also tested. Moreover, gypsum panels containing PCMs were tested in the S. Croce Museum in Florence, Italy, where the microclimatic monitoring has shown thermal conditions potentially dangerous for the works of art preserved. The research performed both in the laboratory and on the field confirmed the effectiveness of the PCMs as thermal storage solutions, but also gave evidence on an important drawback when the material incorporating PCMs is in direct contact with an object of art.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Thermal energy storage; Phase change materials; Cultural heritage conservation; Thermal gradients; Painting; Gypsum panel; Silicon coating; Wooden panel
Subjects: English > Building Envelope
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