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Broström, Tor and Nilsen, Lisa and Carlsten, Susanna (2019) Conference Report - The 3rd International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings EEHB2018. Uppsala University, Department of Art History. ISBN 978-91-519-0838-0

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We proudly present the postprints of the third International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings, held in Visby, Sweden September 26th to 27th, 2018. The conference was organized jointly by the Swedish Energy Agency, Uppsala University and the Swedish National Heritage Board as part of their collaboration in the Swedish national research program on energy efficiency in historic buildings. The Region of Gotland kindly sponsored the conference dinner. There were close to one hundred abstracts submitted to the conference. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions from the Scientific Committee in the review process. Our thanks to Lisa Nilsen who has been the conference coordinator and editor of the papers, Susanna Carlsten who has been in charge of information and conference planning and Alice Sunnebäck who finished the layout of the papers and the report as a whole. The organizing committee for EEHB2018, Tor Broström Uppsala University Jörgen Sjödin Swedish Energy Agency Camilla Altahr-Cederberg Swedish National Heritage Board Table of contents Understanding the change of heritage values over time and its impact on energy efficiency K. Fouseki and Y. Bobrova Energy savings due to internal façade insulation in historic buildings E.J. de Place Hansen and K.B. Wittchen Outlining a methodology for assessing deterioration threshold criteria L. Lång, P. Johansson, C-M. Capener, H. Janssen, J. Langmans, E. Møller, M. D’Orazio and E. Quagliarini How to estimate material properties for external walls in historic buildings before applying internal insulation E.J. de Place Hansen and E.B. Møller Can probabilistic risk assessment support decision-making for the internal insulation of traditional solid brick walls? V. Marincioni and H. Altamirano-Medina The effect of climate change on the future performance of retrofitted historic buildings L. Hao, D. Herrera and A. Troi Hygrothermal properties of NHL mortars P.F.G. Banfill Performance of insulation materials for historic buildings P. Johansson, A. Donarelli and P. Strandberg Cultural heritage compatible insulation plaster N.R.M. Sakiyama, J. Frick and H. Garrecht Performance of interiorly insulated log wall T. Kalamees, E. Arumägi and Ü. Alev Investigations on the influence of different types of restoration of beam ends of the floor in the Alte Schäfflerei Benediktbeuern M. Krus, A. Thiel and R. Kilian Investigation of post-insulated walls with wooden beam ends J. Borderon, E. Héberlé, A. Cuny and J. Burgholzer Removable textile devices to improve the energy efficiency of historic buildings V. Pracchi, E. Rosina, A. Zanelli and C. Monticelli The “Waaghaus” of Bolzano D. Exner, M. Larcher, A. Belleri, A. Troi and F. Haas 3D spatial reconstruction and non-destructive energy diagnostics of building interiors with smart devices C.D. Şahin and M.P. Mengüç Combining multi-view photogrammetry and wireless sensor networks when modelling the hygrothermal behaviour of heritage buildings S. Dubois, M. de Bouw, Y. Vanhellemont, D. Stiernon and S. Trachte Data fusion to synthesise quantitative evidence, value and socio-economic factors S.A. Orr Value creation by re-renovation P. Femenías, P. Eriksson, L. Thuvander, K. Mörk, P. Wahlgren and P. Johansson Benign changes and building maintenance as a sustainable strategy for refurbishment of historic (Pre-1919) English dwellings J. Ritson What’s behind the façade? G. Leijonhufvud, M. Tunefalk and M. Legnér Energy efficiency assessment of Indo-Saracenic buildings in India Ar. S. Choudhary, Dr. S. Pipralia and Dr. N. Kumar The approach of the Walloon Heritage Agency on the energy upgrade of listed buildings P. Delhaye Analytic hierarchy process E. Gigliarelli, F. Calcerano and L. Cessari Decision support tool for the innovative and sustainable renovation of historic buildings (HISTool) W. Hüttler, D. Bachner, G. Hofer, M. Krempl, G. Trimmel and I. Wall Historic Building Atlas F. Haas, D. Herrera, W. Hüttler, D. Exner and A. Troi Life cycle assessment of Villa Dammen M. Fuglseth, F. Berg, B. Sandberg-Kristoffersen and M. Boro The ROT programme, energy efficiency, and historical values in buildings in Sweden M. Tunefalk and M. Legnér Energy Performance Certification M.R. Mallia and O. Prizeman Development of a knowledge centre for responsible retrofit of traditional buildings in France J. Burgholzer, E. Héberlé, H. Valkhoff, J.P. Costes and J. Borderon Potentialities and criticalities of different retrofit guidelines in their application on different case studies V. Pracchi and A. Buda Technical guidelines for energy efficiency interventions in buildings constructed before 1955 in Greece E. Alexandrou, M. Katsaros, D. Aravantinos, K. Axarli, A. Chatzidimitriou, A. Gotoudis, Th. Theodosiou and K. Tsikaloudaki A method to assess the potential for and consequences of energy retrofits in Swedish historic districts B. Moshfegh, P. Rohdin, V. Milic, A. Donarelli, P. Eriksson and T. Broström Heat pumps for conservation heating in churches P. Klenz Larsen Design of indoor climate and energy efficiency of the medieval Episcopal Castle of Haapsalu museum T. Tark, T. Kalamees, A. Rodin, E. Arumägi and M. Napp Adaptive ventilation to improve IEQ M. Lysczas and K. Kabele Different HVAC systems in historical buildings to meet collection demands L. Krzemień, A. Kupczak, B. Pretzel, M. Strojecki, J. Radoń and E. Bogaczewicz-Biernacka Status determination and risk assessment of measures in historic buildings J. Arfvidsson, B. Bjelke-Holtermann and J. Mattsson Preservation strategy and optimization of the microclimate management system for the Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Lublin A. Sadłowska-Sałęga, J. Sobczyk, J.M. del Hoyo-Meléndez, K. Wąs and J. Radoń Effect of intervention strategies on seasonal thermal comfort conditions in a historic mosque in the Mediterranean climate K.S.M. Bughrara, Z. Durmuş Arsan and G. Gökçen Akkurt A baroque hayrick as storage centre for pipe organs S. Bichlmair, M. Krus and R. Kilian Study of the indoor microclimate for preventive conservation and sustainable management of historic buildings A. Bonora, K. Fabbri and M. Pretelli An unfair reputation: The energy performance of mid-century metal-and-glass curtain walls D. Artigas, S. O’Brien and A. Aijazi Energy efficiency and preservation of 20th century architecture D. Del Curto, C.M. Joppolo, A. Luciani and L.P. Valisi The impact of modernization of a 16th century timber-framed farmhouse, Suffolk, UK C.J. Whitman, O. Prizeman, J. Gwilliam and P. Walker Integrated energy and hygrothermal analyses of heritage masonry structures in cold climates M. Gutland, S. Bucking and M. Santana How sustainable was Connecticut’s historic Saltbox house? T. Sawruk, T. Adekunle and J. Hegenauer It’s not the end of the World (Heritage Site) M. Legnér and M. Tunefalk Examining the energy performance of older and historic buildings using municipal benchmarking data A.L. Webb, L. Beckett and M.D. Burton Heritage values and thermal comfort in Neoclassical residential buildings of Athens, Greece T. Koukou and K. Fouseki Energy efficiency intervention and preservation in residential built heritage E. J. Uranga, L. Etxepare, I. Lizundia and M. Sagarna Building stock analysis as a method to assess the heritage value and the energy performance of an Alpine historical urban settlement E. Lucchi, D. Exner and V. D’Alonzo Improving the energy efficiency of built heritage in cold regions A. Luciani, K.L. Nilsson, S. Lidelöw, S. Bhattacharjee and T. Örn Categorization of the heritage building stock in Cairo for the energy planning purposes E. Raslan, A. Donarelli and E. De Angelis On the use of change-point models to describe the energy performance of historic buildings P. Rohdin, V. Milic, M. Wahlqvist and B. Moshfegh Theory and practice, a longitudinal study on developing an energy solution for the Der Aa-church M. Vieveen Heritage values as a driver or obstacle for energy efficiency in Victorian and Edwardian buildings D. Newton and K. Fouseki Balancing cultural and environmental values in buildings refurbishment J. Mourão and V. Campos Character defining elements P. Eriksson Heritage, social values and the threat of ruination T. van der Schoor Nearly Zero Energy Heritage G. Franco Energy efficiency improvement in historic urban environments Egusquiza, J.L. Izkara and A. Gandini

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