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Liu, Linn and Rohdin, P. and Moshfegh, B. Investigating cost-optimal refurbishment strategies forthe medieval district of Visby in Sweden. Energy and Buildings. ISSN 03787788 (Submitted)

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This paper presents a methodology,usingLife Cycle Cost (LCC) optimizationand building categorization,toachieve a systematicstudy of the cost-optimal energy efficiency potential (CEEP) for920 listed buildings in the medieval district of Visbyin Sweden. The aim is to study the CEEPand CO2emission reductions for this city that is included in the World Heritage Listby UNESCO.The total CEEP is found to be 31% (20.6GWh) resulting in a CO2reduction of 57% (33.3 kton). The categorization methodshowed that the buildings could be divided in four clustersdepending on building material,geometry and layout. The LCC analysis revealed that the energy efficiency measure packages were cluster specific. It is shown that multi-story wood buildings (Cluster II) havelowest specific LCC, and would arguably be the starting point for a renovation process.Presently mostof the studied buildings areconnected to the district heating(DH). The results show that heat pump(HP)and wood boiler(WB)iscost-optimal heating system for multi-story stone and wood buildings, respectively.In order for the DH to compete with HPand WB,the DHprice needs to be reduced by 23%and 16%.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Life Cycle Cost, LCC, building categorization, energy efficiency potential, World Heritage
Subjects: English
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