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Lingfors, David and Johansson, Tim and Widén, Joakim and Broström, Tor Target-based visibility assessment on building envelopes: Applications toPV and cultural-heritage values. Energy and Buildings, 204. ISSN 0378-7788


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Solar energy applications have, in recent years, become a common element in the urban landscape, especiallyon roofs and facades. However, it is important that the integration of solar energy in the built environment donot distort the fabric or expression of the existing building envelope, not at least in areas of high cultural-heritage values. The aesthetics depend, to a large extent, on how visible the new technology, such asphotovoltaic (PV) panels, is. This paper describes a method for visibility assessment of building envelopes.It is referred to as target-based as it, in contrast to previously reported methods, bases the assessmentfrom the perspective of the building envelope itself, rather than possible vantage points on the ground.The method was evaluated for two Swedish cities; Stockholm and Visby. In Stockholm, each building wasevaluated based on its cultural-heritage values, solar irradiation and visibility. Deploying PV only on theroofs with the lowest cultural-heritage values, with insolation>900 kWh/m2, and with no visibility fromground, results in a total PV yield of up to 2% of the total electricity demand. In Visby, various definitionsof the vantage area were evaluated, from which the building envelope can be seen. It was found that thechoice of vantage area greatly impacts the solar energy potential. If the vantage area is defined by thepublic domain, i.e., streets and other public open spaces, the non-visible roof area doubles compared to ifall ground/terrain defines it. Compared to previous studies, the use of a vantage area, instead of discretevantage points, seems to result in higher visibility of the roofs.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Visibility assessment; Photovoltaics; Building preservation
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English > Management and Case Studies
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