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Sidén, Adrian and Rolfsen Sandsborg, Kristian (2014) Ekonomiska konsekvenser till följd av varsamhetskrav - Ett förnyelseprojekt av flerbostadshus i Sätra, Gävle. Other thesis, University of Gävle.

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The Swedish stock of heritage buildings carries important historical trails and has been a major contributing factor to the development of society. These buildings constitute specific storytellers that illustrate how society has developed over time. The preservation of heritage buildings of this kind is therefore very important in order to assure that these values are not lost over time. Each township has an opportunity to preserve these buildings by creating regulations in the zoning-plan with respect to cultural values.Buildings like these often belong to older building stocks and require regular maintenance and renovation work in order to survive and meet today's demands regarding energy efficiency and internal comfort. In the renovation phase of this type of buildings,complications often occur due to the prohibition to vitiate historical buildings architectural values.The east part of Sätra, in Gävle, is declared to be a historically valuable district of national interest due to its million-program architecture with traffic separation. The district is owned by the property management company AB Gavlegårdarna who has experienced large additional costs during the renovation phase of some tower blocks in the area, due to the regulations of cultural values. These additional costs occur due to the fact that conventional construction techniques and materials could not be used during the renovation.This thesis aims to quantify these additional costs with the goal to provide a basis for AB Gavlegårdarna for a continued dialogue with the municipality of Gävle, with respect to the ongoing renewal of Eastern Sätra. The thesis is confined to three tower blocks,Pinnmovägen 26 Glaciärvägen 23 and Glaciärvägen 21 where the additional cost of balconies, building plaster and windows are in focus.The results show significant additional costs for all of the studied building components.The additional cost for balconies, building plaster and windows amounted to 22,6%, 1,7%and 0,5% of the total renovation cost for each of the tower blocks.Minimizing the additional costs and contradictions of these types of renovation projects require early dialogue between the property owners and the building permit administrators with basis in a properly executed antiquarian investigation.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Historical buildings, Heritage buildings, Preservation Requirements, Million Homes Programme, National interest, Economic consequences
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