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Cruz, Ronald (2014) Byggtekniska åtgärder för energieffektivisering av kulturhistorisk värdefull byggnad - En fallstudie av Gamla rådhuset i kvarteret Stadsvapnet 6, Piteå. Other thesis, Luleå tekniska universitet.

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With today’s focus and efforts towards a better and more sustainable energy performance, this requirements application is extended to all buildings, both new and old settlements. Cultural sites with old buildings are a part of our heritage. They depict on distant lifestyles as well as social existence of the past. They also represent society and how it has evolved from the old days. These historical factors contribute to the inclination of preserving culturally significant buildings. However, cultural heritage buildings usually have insufficient sustainable energy performance and are in need of energy efficiency measures. These measures must be done carefully to avoid jeopardizing the buildings cultural value. The purpose of this thesis is to contribute to a better understanding of how cultural heritage buildings can obtain an efficient energy performance through construction related measures. A case study was examined for this thesis. The implementation of an energy software programme enabled the calculation of the case study building’s yearly energy performance. Based on the results of the calculation, a series of energy efficiency measures were proposed which were also implemented through the energy simulation programme. It was for the purpose of investigating how much the building’s energy performance can be enhanced. In order to increase the reliability of the contents in this thesis, a panel with professional management experts was consulted to get feedback on the proposed energyefficiency measures. The statements made by the expert panel were in correlation to the actual cultural heritage declaration documents of the building. Including the statements made by an expert panel, would serve as guidelines for the preservation of the building’s cultural heritage value. The results show that the case study building can be energy efficient through construction related measures. The recommended energy efficiency measures stated by the expert panel were conducted through the energy simulation programme. According to the simulation results, the recommended measures could reduce the buildings energy performance use by almost 20 % in regards to the current yearly energy use. Mounting an energy glass on an existing window along with additional insulation on the basement’s innerwalls, were the most suitable measures which contributed to enhancing the case study buildings energy performance according to the expertpanel. The statements made by the expertpanel, concludes that there are differences in their recommendations. This is due to how the evaluation methods are being interpreted and prioritized. The different opinions causes different potentials for implementing energyefficiency through building technical measures. The expertpanel’s most lenient approach in comparison to to the most stringent, differes by 17 % in terms of energy saving potential. The yearly energy consumption of the case study building conforms to Boverket’s (the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning)criterias for the time being. However, the criterias for sustainable energy performance will be raised in the upcoming future. Enhancing the energy performance has to be implemented one way or the other, regardless of construction related measures or not. With the results of this thesis, the findings, discussion and conclusion can serve as a basis for possible energy efficiency measures in the future.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Uncontrolled Keywords: energieffektivisering, kulturhistoriskt värdefulla byggnader, energisimulering
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Svenska, danska, norska > Fallstudier och management
Depositing User: Universitetsadjunkt Susanna Carlsten
Date Deposited: 02 Oct 2014 11:54
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